Making Space for God

Batons, gone. Scrapbooks, digitized. Thirty items on my desk reduced to six.

I’m not interested in keeping things that matter to me when they keep me from what matters most.

The reason I have taken such a drastic approach to my belongings and my schedule is simple, really. I found myself falling into a cycle of failure. It was enough to make a change.

The cycle goes like this:

  1. I know how I want to spend my time.

  2. I start spending my time that way.

  3. Other things get in the way.

  4. I stop spending my time that way.

  5. I regret it and start the cycle from the top with resolve.

It never ends differently. As long as those “other things” stay the same, the cycle ends as predicted.

The cycle is tragic when I want to spend my time with God.

I remember being gripped with frustration and determined to break this repetitive circle of disappointment. Complacency had no place. I wanted to change, needed to change, and now.

Looking around my room, I saw two lamps. Unnecessary.

I moved one for optimal lighting and made arrangements to donate the other.

What else could I get rid of?

What did I truly need?

What would my days be like if I could pare down the excess until all that remained was helpful for life with God?

With each new phase of elimination, I feel more free. Seasons of life are continually changing. And change, I’ve learned, requires letting go of who we once were to make space for who we will become.

I deeply acknowledge these words written by co-founder and CEO of She Reads Truth:

“I can make room for my Lord, who promises me His presence whether or not I take time to be present with Him.” - Raechel Myers, from Making Room: A Study of Biblical Hospitality